Adelaide, the capital of South Australia, is a great option for teams looking to travel interstate on a smaller budget.

One of the reasons Adelaide has proven to be so popular over the years is the small town feel of a capital city. The city itself is easy to get around and given the size there is no risk of losing teammates along the way! The infamous Hindley Street runs through the centre of CBD and is a great place to base your accommodation, as is North Terrace upon which the Sky City Casino is located. There are a number of bars, clubs and other establishments dotted throughout this area of the city making it a great choice for teams wanting a good old fashioned end of season trip away.

For those wanting to get out of the CBD and into more casual surroundings, head over to Glenelg which boasts a range of bars, eateries and the well-known Grand Hotel. Glenelg is only a short distance from the Adelaide CBD (approximately 15 minutes by car) so is both a great spot to stay for your whole trip or just to visit for the day.

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